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Security ERP

The Condensation erp24.co.za (Enterprise Resources Management) system is a Cloud-based platform. It enables you to manage your complete business from one secure, integrated and real-time platform using any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. erp24.co.za has specialised functionality for each section of your business, with different user levels, each with a unique functionality set and information access level. The system is completely scalable and customisable and is priced to be accessible to all SME's.

erp24.co.za includes the following ready-to-use modules:

  • CRM & Sales (Client management system)
  • Weapons Register
  • Shift Manager
  • Tasks & Reminders
  • Quotes & Contracts
  • Documents Sharing
  • Staff (HR Functions)
  • Suppliers
  • Stock/Services (From PO to invoice)
  • OHS Compliance & Training
  • Fleet Management
  • Complete Reporting in real-time
  • Sage One / Xero Integrated
  • Automated debit orders
  • Online payments

We understand that every business is unique. The modular architecture of the system allows us to rapidly create new modules or functionality per your specification. Please feel free to enquire about making use of certain modules only. Our systems are encrypted using a 128 bit security protocol. All system users have login credentials and are only enabled to view information related to their access level. Your data is secure and in line with the PoPi Act.

Please contact us to request a free demonstration: sales@condensation.co.za, call 0798526306.